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Showing posts with label architects. Show all posts
Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The important of Architecture

The important of Architecture

The important of Architecture

Architecture is important to us because people need it. The house that we live in, the office that we go to everyday, our schools, our community, all of these are created by Architecture. Architecture design our lives through the spaces that we live in. It improves and change human lifestyle.

It makes us create communities, spaces to interact and to experience a new world within the confines of a structure. Architecture is an art form that influences us everyday.

its funny how most architects are controlling our day to day mood and our lives and we still seem to be unaware about their importance.

if you can make people happy about the place they live in and make it seem perfect ,then its worth all those sleepless nights.

a contractor can build a shack but an architect can make a home out of it.

a civil engineer can give all the details he can about a block of concrete.

but an architect could confuse you with his design to such an extent that even after long hours of studying its features u would just be baffled.

well that my friends is the "importance of an architect .

always remember!

an architect can replace a draftsman,
a civil engineer, a contractor,
a model maker,
an interior designer,
a landscape artist,
But none of them alone can replace an architect!